Taking care of your body should become a priority in your life if it isn’t already. However, you need to be careful to adjust your workout as you age always taking into account the needs and abilities of your body. We decided to take a look into one of the most popular groups of people working out: the average 40 year old. While there are a ton of great workouts out there for you we instead decided to focus on different exercises that you should AVOID. Listed below are workouts that are terrible for people over 40!


Pretty much any online personal training programs you run across will list crunches as a key part to maintaining your core and improving your abdominal definition. However, we are here to definitively tell you to avoid them. While it is important to balance out your back day with ab exercises, you don’t want crunches to be included on the list. Crunches are notoriously bad for your lower back and they don’t tend to target your abs as specifically as you would like. Add on to the fact that most people can’t maintain proper form during their crunches and you have an exercise that is rife with potential for problem.

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