People who live in the West probably look at much of Asia as if it were this odd and mysterious region. We tend to view Asian cuisine as this rare and risky venture, full of plates that don’t make any sense. What we should really be looking at is the natural fruit of Asia that can be found in any supermarket. We pulled together 15 of Asia’s weirdest and most exotic fruits. Keep on reading and if you are feeling brave pick some of them up to try!

Chom Chom

The Chom Chomb is also known as the Rombutan and it is probably the coolest looking fruit on this entire list and, potentially, the world. The Chom Chom is covered in colorful hairs that are completely harmless despite their spiky appearance. This gorgeous fruit has a plump and juicy interior that tastes similar to a lychee once you get down to it. Simply peel away the exterior and pop one of these in your mouth. They are perfect for losing weight as any weight loss program loves something sweet and not dense in calories.

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