Several entertainer have chimed in with their perspectives of the Manchester bombing that occurred at Ariana Grande’s concert Monday (May 22). But, 2 Chainz has offered a different perspective other than Chris Brown’s beefing up security and Nicki Minaj’s bold confirmation of a show in Manchester during 2018 because “we do not operate in fear.”

The Atlanta rapper told the co-hosts of The View the situation was surprising in part because you don’t expect violence at an Ariana Grande concert like you would at a rap concert. He described the environment at concerts from some of Grande’s peers and proclaimed them to be a safe source of entertainment for kids away from the comfort of their homes.

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“When you speak of someone like Ariana Grande, you feel like this is a concert where it shouldn’t be that much resistant,” The Pretty Girls Like Trap Music artist began. “A lot of the content from hip-hop rappers, you just assume – even the venue insurance is just different.”

Whoopi Goldberg nodded in agreement with 2 Chainz. In a precautionary post for Insurance Journal, the outlet labels rap as one of the few genres that receive spike prices and additional requirements, if offered any coverage at all. A Biz Journal story reports that in 2003, while charges per head ranged from $0.20-$0.30 per person, rap and hip hop were charged up to $1 per person; imagine what those numbers look like now, 14 years later.

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“With this situation, it’s a trickle down effect. I don’t know where the mindset is for her. It’s just a really unfortunate situation,” 2 Chainz finishes.

On a lighter note, The View asked 2 Chainz about being a father in which he admitted he’s used his kids’ opposition towards autographs and public attention as security when approached by fans. But on the topic of his content, the father of three admits he’s “changed the way [he] approaches records” after his daughter asked him a question about one of his songs.

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Before talking about the “growth and maturation” fans should expect on the June 16 release of Pretty Girls Like Trap Music album, the rapper took the time to address his claims on wanting to run for mayor. In reference to why he doesn’t actually run for the city position, the Hair Weave Killer says, “If I decided to do something like that, I would win, easily. But, I didn’t meet a few of the prerequisites like staying in the same county that I grew up in and things of that nature. So, I saved him.”

While it would be interesting to see what the philanthropic rapper would do with the municipal position, I think we’ll all be satisfied with his upcoming fourth studio album due next month.

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