2 Chainz is using his money for a good cause.

Fulfilling his philanthropic morals this past Veteran’s Day (Nov. 11), Tity Boi set out to honor our country’s finest by shedding light on the issue of homelessness within the veteran community. His CEO Millionaires clothing line launched a new collection where a portion of the proceeds are designated to homeless veterans.

In the above Instagram post, 2 Chainz highlights the civil duty of CEO Millionaires is to “Create Every Opportunity,” not just for themselves, but everyone around them. With this collection, they are seeking to “uplift and provide for our veterans who have made sacrifices for our country that we cannot begin to imagine.”

It’s an admirable gesture, but surely not surprising considering 2 Chainz acted as Atlanta’s personal Santa more than once. At the beginning of this year, the 39-year-old rapper recirculated proceeds from his “Dabbin’ Santa” sweaters back into his TRU  Foundation to help others. A portion of the money went to purchasing a five-bedroom house for a family of 11 facing eviction.

The “Hair Weave Killer” has been graced with the giving bone and consistently comes up with creative, selfless ways to give back to communities and people who are truly in need. Check out the $CEO,000,000 gear here.

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