Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football are on the horizon! So, what does that mean for your lovely situation-ship during sports season? It means that it is time to turn up, throw your hair back in a sleek ponytail, and get your bae ready for game day.

Fall 2017 is all about cute event ideas that will not only be memorable but fun for the two of you! We call it an active way to bond beyond text! In preparation for a season full of tackles and touchdowns, Madamenoire has a quick list of tips for you to follow that will make your 2017 football season the talk of the block. With XFINITY enjoy live stats and the latest scores right on your TV with XFINITY X1, and stream from room-to-room at home on any device.

Showin’ Love: Team Support
Our loyal readers often ask how should they connect with their better half during the sports season. For starters – be clear about the teams that you and your bae are rooting for! Are you diehard Falcons fans or do you two rock with the red, white and blue, – also recognized as the New England Patriots? Once you select the team that will turn you into fanatics – you should suit up and dress the part! To kick off the Monday Night Football and Thursday Night Football schedule, be sure to purchase your favorite teams attire. Don’t forget to take a picture and post it to the ‘gram – hashtag #Blacklove #Comcast #Yourteamhere

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The More the Merrier!
We know Mondays and Thursdays are work days, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t throw a little game day party at the top or end of the week! Surprise your bae by inviting his friends over for a little game time. Prepare the dip from the night before, go light on the booze, and have the remote ready for team highlights!

Dip and Dip
Okay, so we mentioned throwing a light affair during game day. We suggest ordering a hearty pan of wings from your local wing spot – because who really wants to bake a big pan of wings after work when football is on? While ordering, you can whip up your own favorite quick homemade dip – because it’s so much fresher that way. The dip that will have bae and crew rooting for more may be creamy spinach with artichoke or maybe mild salsa with nachos. Either way, food is necessary for football and both are easy to make.

Bonding with Bae
After the game, forget falling asleep – even though work is the next day. Take the time (once the guests are gone) to go over the sports highlights. Chat about the powerful plays that had fans going wild. Check your Twitter and Instagram feeds and debate about who played best. Cuddle up, sip and nibble over the left overs and start the planning for your next football events!

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