Riding bikes in winter is tough. Not many bikers dare to use their bikes during the cold weather season due to fear of catching a cold or slipping on the road because of snow.

But not everyone is deterred by the cold weather and many actually attempt to ride their bikes even in snow–risking a lot just to have more thrill and excitement. Above all, riding a bike in winter can really give you an advantage over others to move swiftly on the roads and streets compared to cars and other vehicles.

If you want to enjoy bike riding during the winter, below are some crucial tips for safe riding through cold weather.

1) Drive Slowly

Bikers are always in a hurry while riding on the road. During the winter season, in most cities, the roads are layered with ice, making it a tough task for bikers to enjoy the riding.

The accelerator is always kept at the swing, but during the winter season, it’s better to drive in a controlled manner. You should maintain a reasonable speed to avoid skitting over a layer of ice.

Above all, make sure you drive at a speed where you can control your bike easily or you risk falling or slipping on the road, causing injuries to yourself and possibly others.

2) Maintain Warmth Under Layers

It is always important to keep yourself warm. Use of leather jackets is a must and you should also use gloves and other accessories.

Leather motorcycle jackets are recommended for the winter season as they work as an insulator. To keep the fun and thrill alive while riding, always cover your body with jackets to keep your body warm.

It is also often recommended to keep the bike at room temperature and parked in a garage to make sure ice does not cover the wheels. This will prevent the bike from slipping.

3) See Driving Signals in Advance

While riding on a foggy road, the visibility becomes the uttermost issue.

You need to activate your fog lamp prior to starting the bike so that you can see any signal easily and also have clear visibility. Maintaining clear visibility helps you to not only see who is coming from the opposite direction but will also help you to properly decide your course of action as you drive from one point to another.

4) Service Your Motorcycle

Before starting your journey, make sure your motorcycle or bike is properly serviced and well-maintained, especially if you are going for a long ride.

Check tire air pressure, oil filter, engine oil and other essentials before you start the journey. If you are planning to go on a long ride, your whole experience depends on how good your bike is serviced.

During cold weather, the engine needs time to ignite and for a quick start, the bike ignition system must be cleaned and serviced by a professional mechanic.

5) Don’t Be a Superhero, If Snow Starts, Rest At Home

Even if you are a die-hard fan of motorcycle riding, don’t neglect the weather condition completely. If snow starts falling, it’s better to return to your home and wait until it ends. It would be an act of foolishness to become a superhero and move out of your home to ride your bike in severe winter.

Above are some really simple but do-able tips on how to avoid getting injured in winter and still enjoy the riding during the season. Always remember that if you can properly cover the risks, you can enjoy what you want. Focus on your goal and take calculated risks while driving during the winter.

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