2017 has seen a 360% rise in people choosing to go vegan[1], and cruelty free is more in vogue than ever. However, many people are now also looking beyond just what they put on their plates, and many non-vegans are also looking for ways that they can make eco-conscious choices without committing to a full lifestyle change.

They are better for the environment

This is partly why the cruelty free and vegan beauty market has become increasingly popular over recent years – with more brands joining the fold than ever, and more people than ever buying their products.

Going vegan doesn’t have to mean you compromise on quality, and there are several great reasons why you should consider turning your makeup bag green. We’ve teamed up with EcoTools, a high quality, eco-friendly make-up brand, to show you the eight, great reasons why you should consider using eco-friendly make-up tools. –

You help the environment –The most popular reason, is that they are eco-friendly. Eco-friendly brushes, such as the ones created by EcoTools, are made from synthetic fibers and are both vegan and PETA certified. What’s more, many eco-friendly make-up tools are made of recycled and recyclable packaging – for example, EcoTools uses tree free paper that has been created from cotton and bamboo, making it even more sustainable. If that isn’t great for the environment, then we don’t know what is!

Better suited for sensitive skin – Vegan beauty products are perfect for those with sensitive skin as they’re made with less ingredients meaning that they are less likely to irritate.

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They’re less absorbent –A lot of non-vegan make-up brushes use natural animal hair, which makes the brushes more porous. This means that they absorb makeup and bacteria into the strands, so the brushes can lose shape overtime and are harder to clean. By using a make-up brush that uses synthetic hair, make-up and bacteria isn’t absorbed into the bristles, making it easier to clean and maintain its shape.

Perfect for every beauty need – Synthetic bristles can be designed to be softer and fluffier than natural hair, or can be made coarser to mimic animal hair. This means that different types of brushes can be created to suit exactly what you need – the EcoTools 6 Piece Brush Set is a perfect example of the different styles that can be created. What’s more, synthetic bristles work well with both cream and powder make-up products!

Less expensive – You may think that eco-friendly brushes are more expensive than others, but you’d be mistaken! Synthetic hair is typically more affordable than animal hair, which means that you still get a high-quality brush but at an affordable price.

Less likely to have an allergic reaction – Many types of animal hairs can be used in natural brushes, including goat and chinchilla. These animal hairs can cause allergic reactions such as hives or breakouts in users – not an issue when you’re using products that are animal-free.

You can avoid animal testing – Animal testing is still a problem in 2017 and according to Cruelty Free International, over 115 million animals are being used for animal testing worldwide. Make-up tools that are suitable for vegans are never tested on animals, and are therefore 100% cruelty-free, which is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who are looking to be more conscious about the contents of their makeup bag and want to say no to animal testing.

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Your brushes will last longer – Animal bristles shed more frequently than synthetic bristles, meaning the eco-friendly brushes will keep their shape for longer as well as lasting longer in your make-up bag.

Eco-friendly make up brushes are not only a great option for making you look beautiful on the outside, but you’ll also feel great on the inside knowing that you’re helping the environment – one perfectly sculpted cheekbone at a time!

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