One of the most contested world records out there and one that switches hands all the time has to be the Nissan GT-R quarter-mile record. Since I’ve been writing about cars, I’ve seen the record broken on countless occasions, but each new record is just as exciting as the last.

The latest car to break the record was the Diamonds By Wire Alpha Performance Alpha-G GTR, driven by Gidi Chamdi. The record-breaking run happened at Milan Dragway new Detroit, Michigan where the track temperature was 58 degrees, which is far from an ideal temperature. But, that didn’t stop the 2,500+ hp monster from getting work done with a pass of 7.14 @ 212 mph.

You can view the run and Chamdi’s fantastic reaction in the video below. The entire run is also detailed in AMD Performance’s blog post, so be sure to check it out.

Ed Jones

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