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Amazing Transformation! 🙆🏽‍♀️💪🏽 . Fitspo: @bambuiltfit "I went from Morbidly Obese with a 2.48 GPA to a Fit Ivy League graduate student💥 — Losing 100 pounds in 10 months was just the beginning of a lifelong process of self-love🙏🏾 — I lived life trying to please everyone else around me, so much to the point where I neglected my own well being. I had a 2.4 GPA, prediabetic, morbidly obese, and didn’t realize that something needed to change. Looked in the mirror after a dr looked me in my face and said I was morbidly obese and realized how unhappy I was. — From that point I promised to invest in myself just as much as I invest in those around me. I got my grades up, I fixed my diet, and focused on reaching the goals I had for myself. — Here I am now! I’ve lost over 120 lbs total and am pursuing an Ivy League graduate degree 🙏🏾 I’m blessed beyond measure and am confident that if I can turn my life around , ANYONE can 💥 #BamBuilt"

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