Rapper Azealia Banks is good for venting in a lengthy Instagram post and deleting it. Whether she’s calling out Russell Crowe or engaging in some good old instigation when it comes to the music industry, Banks doesn’t back down from many when it comes to letting us know how she feels.

Who does Banks have an issue with this time? The youth who participated in the March For Our Lives protests are a few weeks ago. In a now deleted Instagram post, Banks made it clear that she doesn’t specifically have an issue with the youth themselves as much as the media attention they’ve managed to attract. BET reports the star of “Love Beats Rhymes” posted a meme that shows a white man plugging his ears beside text reading, “When Black Kids Talk About Police Violence.” Underneath, there’s a photo of TIME Magazine’s cover celebrating Emma González, a survivor from the Parkland school shooting who has become a leading figure in March For Our Lives, and other non-Black youths who have organized activism around gun control. Accompanying this photo is text that reads, “When White Kids Talk About Gun Control.”

Banks expressed that she having no parts of March For Our Lives since black youth have been rallying for gun control forever, only to have their protests ignored:

“Miss me with the bulls**t. As if you’d see my Black a** at some rally for gun control when everyone ignored every advance made by Black youth to speak out about police violence…”

“Black people have been protesting gun violence forever!!” she voiced. “I don’t see any of these kids as heroic or brave, when Black kids have been fighting the good fight for ages.”

Banks shared that she wasn’t going for a “battle of the struggles” with her thoughts, but did want to address that when it comes to the outpouring of public support for causes, we can’t ignore that race plays a significant factor:

“White America’s obsession with guns is white America’s problem.”

“Let the liberals and conservatives battle it out…tired of helping left white America fight for their causes while they ALWAYS turn [a] blind eye to ours. I’m still waiting for a Democratic politician to issue an official apology for slavery…”

I’m hesitant to immediately jump to the negative conclusions when it comes to youth standing up for causes they believe in. But just like the recession, healthcare and other problems in this country that have traditionally been “black folks’ problems” unfortunately no one seems to care until it becomes everyone’s problem.

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Do think Banks has a point?  You can take a look at a screenshot of the post that SOHH managed to snag below:


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