While being married to one of the greatest athletes of all time would encourage any person to get serious about their health, for Alexis Ohanian, Sr., it was actually he and Serena’s daughter, Alexis Jr., who recently inspired the Reddit and Initialized co-founder to make his health and fitness a priority.

Serena Williams shared a photo of her hubby in the gym, chains around his neck, dumbbells in his hands, in juxtaposition with a photo of him in a suit alongside her and baby Alexis. As she put it, “Superhero by day family man at night.”

Ohanian revealed on his Instagram, using the same workout photo, that he promised baby Alexis he would get himself in his best health for her.

“Made a promise to @olympiaohanian when I first met her (she was the size of a poppy seed) that I was going to start focusing on my health as much as I focus on my business,” he wrote. “Lots more work to go with both, but I’ve got the best partners I could have in my personal and business lives. And my legacy is almost starting to talk, so she’ll be cheering soon enough.”

Ohanian has made all sorts of changes since becoming a dad. He’s been courtside with baby Alexis watching Serena play tennis, and overall, been very hands-on as a dad. He’s been able to do that because as a business leader, he was able to put in place and take paid parental leave to be present for his wife and daughter. Knowing the impact it’s had on his relationship with baby Alexis, Ohanian has since become a strong advocate for parental leave.

“I can’t imagine life without these two,” he wrote on Instagram about Serena and Alexis, Jr. “This ordeal, as well as the weeks and months after, has made me an even bigger advocate for paid parental leave (not just for my employees–men & women alike–but for all). We’re blessed in a lot of ways and I couldn’t imagine a new parent going through all of that without all the support, financial security, and flexibility we had.”

As you can see, making such sacrifices has created quite the bond with his namesake — and inspired him to be at his very best for his family. Love it!

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