Due to certain reasons, many relationships do not get to last forever as the lovers dreamt they would.

While that might look and feel terrible at the time, it could be advantageous for subsequent love affairs.

Here are four ways your bad love experiences could make life easier for you in subsequent relationships.

You know when to leave a relationship

Sometimes, people stay in a relationship even when it is obviously wrong to do so.

Old retionships can teach you to know when to hold on and when it no longer makes sense to

They stay long in the toxicity, hoping for a change that will not come until they get fed up and move on.

In subsequent relationships, due to the experience gained already, such people will recognise the moment a relationship becomes irredeemable, and move on at the very right time.

You learn how to argue without ending a relationship

If you have been in a relationship that ended due to yelling and fighting, and you recognize your role in that breakup, there is every chance that in a new affair, you’d have learnt the skill of expressing your unhappiness without tearing down your partner, and your relationship.

You’ll learn how to argue without having the fight end your relationship 

You know what you do not want

One of the best things to take out of a bad relationship is a better idea of things you cannot put up with in a relationship.

If you exit a bad relationship because of your partner’s continuous neglect of his responsibilities to you, surely, before entering into a new relationship, one of the things you will be sure to watch out for, is a man who takes his responsibilities serious.

It’s only natural to avoid the same bad things happening twice.

You learn you’re still imperfect

When you look back on your old relationships and how they ended, one of the things you might recognise is that you were not entirely faultless for the way they ended.

You’ll learn of your own imperfection (YouTube)

And there, is one of the ways your new relationship gets to benefit from those past relationships.

Instead of relaxing, thinking you already know everything about how relationships go, you approach the relationship with a firm idea in your mind of that flaw and the realisation that it has the capability to ruin this present relationship like it did one or some of the previous ones.

The difference between then and now, however, is that you will not allow it ruin the beautiful thing you just found.

Will you?

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