Many people ask us “what happened to all the coachbuilders?” In the old days, if you built a high-quality custom body, the manufacturer took notice. Many names like LeBaron, Fleetwood and Mulliner have become wholly owned subsidiaries of the big automakers. H.J. Mulliner began building custom coaches in 1897, which carried over into bespoke versions of luxury cars. Over the years his business has evolved into Bentley’s in-house customizers who have taken precious metals to a new level.

A press release early Friday morning outlines new Silver & Gold Hallmark editions of their flagship Mulsanne. Limited to only 50 cars, Silver and Gold will be available on Mulsanne Speed and Extended Wheelbase models. Only the finest metals receive hallmarks to their authenticity, so Mulliner included them in silver or gold versions of the Flying B hood ornament. A hand painted pinstripe runs from bow to stern, with unique 21″ polished wheels included. Inside you will find contrast leather seating with silver or gold stitching. Silver or gold plated inlays are found about the cabin, and illuminated sill plates display the car’s build number of the 50 total examples.

Diamond-stitched leather and stunning embroidery along with Alcantara cushions are just a few examples of how Mulliner showcases their talents. We’re glad nothing was changed under the hood because the venerable 6.75-liter big block V8 will never go out of style. To get your Gold moving, it offers 505 hp and 752 lb-ft of torque. Pricing was not mentioned, but you will probably have to cash in a few Krugerrands for the down payment. A few of the 50 will probably come stateside, so stay with us for more Bentley updates.

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