We learn in Black Panther that Wakanda has been isolated for centuries, perhaps even millennia, all while secretly developing amazing futuristic technology. But how does the society actually function? Sure, they have this one amazing resource in abundance that nobody else has, not to mention some magic plants and a guy dressed like a cat. But you can’t build everything out of vibranium. There are other resources and supplies needed to construct a massive futuristic city, but considering Wakanda has convinced the rest of the world they’re poor farmers, it doesn’t seem as though they would have established trade with other nations to get everything else they need. Plus, even if they did, what could they trade? They don’t want to lose any vibranium at all, clearly, but what else do they have to offer?

They obviously have a ton of money — enough to fund their city, not to mention setting up secret spy headquarters around the world. But where did they get this money from, if not trading vibranium? And why, exactly, do they have packs of soldiers — war dogs — secretly planted all over the world if they’re such a peaceful nation, and only want to remain secret, safe, and hidden? 

It sure seems like something else is going on, but the movie never really shows us what. 

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