31-year old, Stephen Spencer, of Pennsylvania, was recently found not guilty in the shooting death of a white man while defending himself during a racially charged dispute in a bar.

Back in July 2017, Spencer got into an argument with Christopher Williams in a bar. The dispute started when Williams, a 32-year old white man when, refused to shake Spencer’s hand. From there the situation escalated, leading to Spencer firing one shot at Williams. Williams, who was unarmed, would die from him injuries.

After the shooting, Spencer immediately turned himself in. He was charged with criminal homicide, simple assault, and terroristic threats.

After being held in jail for over a year, a jury acquitted Spencer of all charges.

Spencer testified that he acted in self-defense. He claimed he had been enduring racial taunts inside the bar that night before he left. He said that a group of several white men followed him outside the bar and yelled at him, “We’re going to get you, n—–!” Fearing for his life, he pulled out his gun and fired one shot.

Meanwhile, the prosecution argued that what Spencer did could not
have anything to do with the confrontation inside the bar and said he
should have ran away instead of pulling out his firearm.

But in a rare case, the court sided with Spencer, a Black man, and acquitted him.

“I was fighting for my life for 15 months and I finally made it. Justice was served,” Spencer said.

Spencer was described during the trial as a family man and a business
owner. It was also stated that he has a concealed carry permit and has
no criminal record.

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His lawyer, John Pike, said the case was “more than just someone
shooting an unarmed person. And the jury saw it, they saw it for what it
was — ugly racism.”

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