When Black Panther premiered back in February, it obtained immense success at the box office and universal praise from critics. Since then, the film has continued to thrill fans and its stars are racking up new opportunities left and right. One of Black Panther’s standouts is actress Danai Gurira (she played Okoye), who can now add Reebok spokesmodel to her growing resume.

If you’ve ever watched Danai on the AMC hit show The Walking Dead, then you already know that in between killing zombies as the fierce Michonne, she has a body to die for and a fierce spirit. Apparently, Reebok is aware because she was just named as one of the new faces on its upcoming activewear campaign.

Gurira said that physical fitness has always been an important part of her life, as she grew up playing sports and works out four times a week to maintain her enviable athletic build.

She is also very focused on championing the relationship between physical and mental strength and she hopes her Reebok campaign can help:

“We all view strength differently: through physicality, through mental fortitude, through honesty and perhaps most importantly through community,” she said. “My goal is to work with Reebok to galvanize women in all communities to find strength within themselves so that we may continue to lead this cultural revolution. Each one of us should be hero to each other.”

Recently, Reebok has been quite the advocate for women in the fitness space, by previously working with female stars such as Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, model Gigi Hadid and singer Ariana Grande. Reebok General Manager of Performance, Todd Krinsky, said that Gurira was an ideal choice for the brand because she “brings with her a unique intensity that’s already inspired countless women to discover their own strength.”

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Meanwhile, the industry is buzzing with whispers that Gurira is in talks to star in the upcoming film Godzilla vs. King Kong and the new entry in the Star Trek franchise. Congrats to this talented and busy lady!

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