Cam’ron’s fiancee JuJu just joined Love And Hip Hop. We can’t say that we’re all that surprised, but it has us wondering – is she going to be a RACTHET like the rest of the cast??? Here is what we were sent – from the Love And Hip Hop PR department:
Juliet C., affectionately known as Juju, was born in Brooklyn, New York to Cuban parents and raised in Miami, Florida. It was in Miami where the triple threat developed her entrepreneurial skills. While her beauty is evident, what strikes most is the woman behind the smile, grace, and hourglass figure. With the support of her fiance, rapper Cam’ron, Juju took social media by storm, gaining social buzz as “The Chocolate Cuban” bombshell.

Juju holds a BA Degree from Barry University and is currently obtaining her Masters degree.The Cuban bombshell is an actress, author, model, successful realtor, and owner of popular “Candy Jewels Hair Company” – a popular e-retailer of 100% fine virgin hair.
Informally, Juju is a spokeswoman for a curvy and healthy lifestyle. Her mission is to inspire beauty acceptance in all shapes and sizes while using her social media platforms to empower women. Juju shares advice on skincare, fitness, relationships, and business. She refers to her advice as “Juju Jewels”. This Fall, Juju releases her first best seller Secrets Of A Jewel, where she lends advice to women in helping them find their inner jewel.

Juju’s story isn’t picture perfect but she has learned through hard work and determination that one can turn adversity into triumph. Through her non-profit organization “My Precious Jewels”, Juju plans to work with young girls and pass on some of those “Jewels” that helped mold her into the confident successful woman she has become.

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