Daniel Borden was sentenced on Monday for his role in the beating of Mr. Harris.

Daniel Borden, one of four men convicted of beating a black man at a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., in 2017, was sentenced this week to nearly four years in prison.

In May, Mr. Borden entered a plea acknowledging that there was enough evidence to convict him but that did not acknowledge guilt for taking part in the malicious wounding of DeAndre Harris at the “Unite the Right” rally. On Monday, after a monthslong postponement, he received a 20-year sentence, with all but three years and 10 months of it suspended.

Mr. Borden, 20, was one of six men who surrounded and attacked Mr. Harris, 20 at the time, in a parking garage on Aug. 12, 2017, beating him with metal pipes and wooden boards. Mr. Harris was left with a broken wrist and a head wound that required staples. The beating was captured in a video that spread widely on social media.

Two of the six men remain unidentified. Of the four who were arrested, Mr. Borden was the last man to be sentenced.

The three others — Jacob Scott Goodwin, Alex Michael Ramos, and Richard W. Preston — were sentenced in August of last year. Mr. Goodwin, 24, was sentenced to serve eight years in prison; Mr. Ramos, 35, received a sentence of six years; and Mr. Preston, 53, who was described as a Ku Klux Klan leader, was sentenced to four years in prison for firing a gun at the rally.

Mr. Borden, who is white, was initially supposed to be sentenced in October 2018, but the judge rescheduled the sentencing for January after Mr. Borden declined to speak with probation officers and his lawyer, Michael J. Hallahan II, asked to bring character witnesses to a sentencing hearing.

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