: Angela Rye is a beautiful woman, and smart too. And it looks like BEAUTY runs in her family. Her cousin is going VIRAL on social media. Men are going CRAZY over her.

Angela Rye is a popular political commentator and girlfriend of Chicago rapper and actor, Common. She hosts her own podcast – On 1 With Angela Rye, and has received several accolades throughout her career, including a Black Girls Rock award, NAACP Power 40 and just last year, she was named one of Ebony Magazine’s Power 100 Honorees.

The 38-year-old activist is perhaps considering starting a family with her boo, Common and just this week, talked to The Real about her decision to freeze her eggs, saying:

“I’m 38; I’m old, just don’t let the silky hair fool you. So, 38, it was just time. It was a process I looked into when I was 35, and I got scared because my egg reserve number was low… And so they were telling me that I’d have to go through multiple cycles which was expensive and I just got scared. And so now I’m like, ‘Uhhh… what do I have to lose?’ You know. So I really wanted to go and do that.”

Don’t get us wrong, Angela is a looker too, but Angela’s cousin would put a lot of these video vixens and Insta-Thots to shame – and she isn’t afraid to show it all off.

Oh, and we’re told that her body is 100% natural TOO.

Check out her rockin’ bod below!


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