20-year-old JaQuavion Slaton was killed this weekend in a hail of gun fire from police in Texas. According to residents of the Fort Worth neighborhood, the young Black man was never given a chance by police before his life was taken.

Officers involved in the shooting claimed Slaton had a gun, however have not provided any proof of that. The Fort Worth Police Department did not make body cam footage of the shooting available immediately and was unclear if the footage even existed.

Local media outlets already reported that Slaton was armed despite not having any evidence to substantiate the claims.

According to Fort Worth Star Telegram, police claim Slaton was a suspect in an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after a shooting that occurred on Sunday Afternoon.

Police spotted and chased Slaton along with two other men. Slaton hid behind a truck after the two other men where apprehended by police. That’s when the cops got trigger happy, according to an eyewitness.

The shooting happened in Tamequa Muhammad’s backyard. Tamequa told those in attendance of a community meeting Monday night that the cops were reckless. She said the cops came out guns blazing without regard for her nearby grandchildren or other bystanders. Her husband said he does not feel police took his family or the community’s safety into consideration because they offered no warning. The couple also stated, the police didn’t try to de-escalate the situation when they located Slaton in the truck.

“Even if the young man did something, still it didn’t warrant a death sentence,” Tamequa Muhammad said during the meeting.

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