Chop suey, or tsap seui (杂碎), is phonetic Cantonese for “miscellaneous leftovers.”

It’s a food that it as distinct as it is versatile, and a blank canvas for leftovers.

This recipe is from Toronto’s Boralia, where meats like elk are often hanging around the kitchen. But you can use pretty much any meat that you happen to have laying around in your fridge, from ground beef to bacon to Chinese sausage.

RECIPE: Chop Suey Croquettes

Obviously, chop suey is deeply satisfying in its most authentic form, but Boralia goes a step further by breading and deep frying these rice balls like arancini and then injecting them with that classic rich, brown sauce of yesteryear.

Sticklers for authenticity be damned, because these are really fucking tasty.

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