It’s so clear that Stacey Dash is only here for a check. She’ll sell her people out for a check. Will vote for Donald Trump for a check. Question the necessity of a Black network and then star in a television show on that same network. She’s been canceled so nothing she really does surprises us, it’s just…entertaining. A study in “sellout,” if you will.

Most recently, Stacey Dash attempted to distance herself from an upcoming Kanye West film starring her cousin Damon Dash and Cam’Ron. I’m sure you can guess why. Because it’s Blackety, Black Black.

For reference here’s the poster.

As soon as the image dropped, Dash released a statement.

So she alleges they don’t have permission to use her image, but in the trailer, it’s clear she’s actively involved in the film. She’s dressed in character, as the poster shows, with braids, gold hoop earrings and a winter jacket with a fur-lined hood. Super Black girl, steez.

Check it out.

Now, there is a chance that she dropped out at the last minute. Still, it’s all very interesting. We’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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