The Hitmaker rides again

Keanu Reeves is the eternal action hero. As the rest of us age and Hollywood’s tastes change, he’s the same machine who took the red pill back in ’99. And as he proves in this month’s John Wick: Chapter 2, he’s still the one man who can win a gunfight with a dog, a Mustang, and sheer gravitas. Read our revealing interview with him—and steal his immortality-granting workout. (We did.)

Know this!

“The definition of a good investment is anything that lowers your stress level.”

Do this!

Step into the ring

Fitness studios have already revolutionized biking and burpees—and now, thanks to Rumble (, it’s boxing’s turn. Founded by my friend Eugene Remm and his entrepreneurial dream team, Rumble is already a magnet for off-duty models and aspiring Rockys alike, who come for the nightclub-quality sound system and stay for the workouts. Pro tip: Arm yourself with these boxing gloves from Cleto Reyes ($163,

Wear this!

Exude confidence

Buying great cologne seems to baffle even my most style-savvy friends. So I’ll make it simple for you: This month, ignore the pushy salesperson and jump-start your style routine with the brand-new Polo Red Extreme (75ml, $75,

The latest signature scent from Olivier Gillotin, the mastermind behind Polo’s riotously successful line of Red colognes, is robust, enduring, and unquestionably masculine—exactly the jolt of energy you’re looking for, and one nobody else has discovered yet.

Drink this!

The Caribbean vacation in a glass

Let’s face it: By the time March rolls around, you’re usually pretty sick of winter’s perma-gray. This year, when I need a reminder (or three) that spring weather is around the corner, I head down the block from Men’s Fitness HQ to one of the best new bars in the city, BlackTail, for my new favorite pour. The cocktail geniuses there call it the Arawak: Bacardi, sherry, amaro, Campari, and coffee liqueur, with just enough absinthe to keep your feet tapping. 

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