While most of us are still contemplating whether to hit the gym in the morning or catch up on that extra hour of sleep, our celebrities have already unlocked the ultimate level of fitness with their crazy summer bodies. Be it to blend into their respective characters or to lead a better life in general, actors working out or undergoing transformation is nothing new. 

And Ranbir Kapoor should become the poster boy of this club.

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But what surprises us the most is the fact that actors who are twice or thrice our age are fitter than most of us combined. From John Abraham to Hrithik Roshan, all these actors have some sort of air around them. Air that makes women go weak in their knees and men burn in jealousy. And the recent addition in the list of super hot men with crazy bodies is actor Farhan Akhtar.

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Farhan Akhtar is known for his movies, music and controversies. But, in case you’re someone stalking every celebrity on Instagram, chances are you will already recognize him as someone who has turned into a beast and is giving us major fitness goals now.

Recently, the actor posted two pictures on Instagram that have left his fans awestruck with his crazy transformation. Looks like Farhan Akhtar tapped into his inner Milkha Singh to leave everyone behind in the race…for fitness.

If this picture made you think that it’s actually Aamir Khan from his ‘Dangal’ days posing for this, trust me I won’t judge you. He looks that shredded.

While we are busy listening to ‘Summertime Sadness’, Farhan Akhtar is giving us ‘Summertime Fitness’ goals with his extremely shredded and ripped body and we just love this change.

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