A FIGHT broke out inside a New York wedding, at the Douglaston Manor, leaving multiple people injured – and it was all caught on Livestream. The fight, which occurred inside The Douglaston Manor wedding hall near Queens. And it all started when two guests who had a prior GRUDGE ran into each other.

A video has gone viral showing the fight. In the video you see the fighting, which knocks over a pregnant lady. And you see a groomsmen DRAG one of the rowdy partygoers out by his leg.

BlkCosmo News spoke with a person at the wedding, who described why the FIGHT happened. The insider explained, “THE FIGHT WAS BETWEEN A NIECE OF THE BRIDE AND SOME HOOD RAT DAUGHTERS OF THE MADE OF HONOR SHE CAME DRESSED AS A HOE”

We got more tea, including which ones are the girls fighting. Here’s more from the insider, “[the fight was] between the little chic that helped the lady up and a niece of the bride.”

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