After a few unflattering photos of Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian in which their backsides appear to take on a life of their own on top of their thighs, admittedly I have mixed feelings about booty enhancements. While I’m all for women doing what they feel is necessary to build their self-esteem, after the booty-injection-gone-bad scene I can’t forget from Netflix’s She’s Gotta Have It, I can’t fathom why any woman would put themselves through such a procedure. But it happens, and entertainers like K. Michelle are beginning to step forward to inform fans that enhancements have an expiration date. The “V.S.O.P.” songstress had her butt enhancements which she affectionately named “Betsy” removed at the beginning of the year stating that health concerns led to her decision to have the reversal:

“My butt is so big that my legs are not holding it.”

While it appears that the singer was back on the stage performing in no time, one woman is sharing that the road back from rocking a fake booty isn’t always as easy as some celebs can make it appear. BET recently sat down with fitness-preneur Jenelle Salazar Butler who disclosed her own experience with having a similar procedure after getting illegal butt injections in 2010. The Instagram celeb who goes by the handle @GetBodiedByJ has chronicled her road to recovery to her 729K followers. Butler whose work now focuses on helping women practice self-care and lead healthy lifestyles, says that she made the decision to have the silicone removed from her back side after having her son last summer. She was featured on The Doctors before having her surgery, and now reveals the process has been a struggle and has posted graphic photos on her page of her post-op experience, warning women to not get illegal butt shots to begin with:

“So many women do it but they do it in the dark. Then they don’t tell anybody that they’ve done it and they like it for a while but then they start having problems a year or two or three to five years later, and have to figure out a way to remove it. It’s really you know the worst thing that you can do to yourself because it’s illegal and you really don’t know what they’re injecting into you. It can be dangerous—women have died, lost limbs, went into comas.”

She says when it comes to beauty enhancements, women shouldn’t get so excited over achieving the ideal figure that they forget to do their research:

“I didn’t know any of this when I did it. Had I done my research and been more vigilant in looking into what I was doing and what all these other women were doing, that I was looking up to in a sense, I would’ve never done it myself. If I would’ve had a ‘me’ telling me the dangers and telling me not to do it, I wouldn’t have done it, you know?”

“So, I’m trying to be that voice and that person for those women out there that are contemplating going the back alley way, because they don’t have enough money to go get a fat transfer.”

Butler also shares that part of the reason she opted for the procedure in the first place is because she battled low self-esteem years ago while in a relationship with a partner who worked in a strip club where he was “surrounded by larger than life booties every day.” She reveals she always had a curvy figure before the enhancements but was led to believe she needed more:

“I always had a butt, I always had hips, I just didn’t have a bubble butt so after going through postpartum depression and just being unhappy with life and myself, I thought that I needed more. You know? Even though he never said that I needed more. I actually had talked to him about possibly doing it and he always said no but when you’re in that mind frame, nobody can tell you anything.”

Butler shares that her butt injections came by way of a friend who knew a person that did them and stated that at one point it was a very casual, widely-accepted activity where women were going together in groups and even having butt injection parties. She ended up receiving nine butt injections in each cheek at the time that took about 30 minutes each. Although The Doctors covered the cost of her removal surgery, Butler estimates based on her own research that she would’ve paid about “$20,000 to $25,000 for the procedure, as well as the flight and hotel, since she would have to fly out to the clinic’s location.”

She shares she is extremely limited physically in her recovery and has had to almost completely adjust her life during the process:

“I have to pee standing up. They have this women’s pee cup that allows you to pee while you stand up…I can’t do anything. I can’t hold my baby. I have to lay on my stomach, sleep on my stomach and eat on my stomach. I have to do everything on my stomach.”

Butler says her intention isn’t to discourage women from seeking beauty enhancements, but to encourage them to get them safely and even consider enhancing their bodies naturally through exercising. She offers healthy lifestyle and training services through her business, Get Bodied By J.

You can check out the exclusive feature in its entirety as well as watch graphic video of Salazar’s recovery here.




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