Defined in the simplest terms, public displays of affection are acts of physical intimacy in the view of others.

That is Wikipedia’s definition of PDA, which basically explains the concept of putting almost every phase and activity in your relationship in people’s faces.

Public displays of affection became a lot more rampant with the rise of all the social media platforms we use now.

How is the best way to go about this, and not mess it up?

The steps below will guide you through.

1. Kissing is the easiest, sweetest way to do PDA.

2. If the people around you are starting to get uncomfortable about it, it might be time to stop.

3. Make it look good. Because anything worth doing at all should be done very well.

4. Watch out for the people around. You don’t want to try PDA’s around those elderly men and women. Don’t do it.

5. Watch the words you use if you are writing on social media.

Don’t give out too much information that might haunt you if that love somehow hits the rock. The Internet never forgets.

6. It’s PDA, not outdoor porn!

Always try to avoid heavy petting, or dipping your hands in your partner’s most intimate parts. Leave out that part till you are behind closed doors.

7. Public display of affection is exciting, but it can also project your image in wrong light. So, you better watch out for your reputation.

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