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  1. @sabreenharlem but isn’t the image of a black woman just as important as delivering the information. I bring up this point because we “blacks” are so use to seeing the excellence of our counter parts. So it should not be hard pressed to see our own progressions. Most black women cant relate to that Lady they see Bc their builds are entirely different. What about us ? Can we just focus on any concentrated level. But if this is your platform do as you wish. $0.02

  2. @dnyanwleh I agree completely. I follow this page, It is not mine. I clarified why you see other ethnicities represented on it. You cannot speak for most black women, though I understand your inclination to do so, nor can I so I will offer my position as it may be the position of the owner. I take the excellence presented and use it to fuel, sustain my own. When the excellence mirror’s me (black accomplishment) I save those pictures, threads, articles and they power me even more because representation matters. We have always done this as many “firsts” are still occuring and in far too many areas there is not one who came before who has reached the heights.

  3. @sabreenharlem what’s you point here exactly I’m a bit confused 🤷🏾‍♂️ to where your coming from. I am a product of a black Woman and though I can’t speak for all I know that ALL black women can’t relate to this white woman. That’s a factual statement. That’s all I’m saying and I hear you get fueled but that’s about it


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