Keeping track of your lap times can be a hassle at track days. If the idea of a trustworthy friend and a stopwatch seems too old fashioned, there is Ford’s new Performance App. It uses the SYNC system to import video and engine data and creates a file that can be shared on social media or with your defense attorney. Only the new Ford GT will have this ability at first, but the press release hints that it will migrate to other models early next year.

If your track day machine has seen better days, Ford is also releasing a new Mustang GT4. In full compliance with FIA regulations, this turn-key race car uses the wild 5.2 liter V8 from the GT350. Instead of a six-speed manual, the GT4 arrives with a Holinger six-speed sequential transmission. Paddle shifters are never as much fun, but it will keep your focus on overtaking the competition. Chassis tuning was done by Multimatic Motorsports, the same engineers who took the Ford GT from concept to reality.

Race-prepped Mustang GT4 to provide customers around the world access to turn-key Mustang eligible for competition in several motorsports series

To put the power to the track, Forgeline rear wheels measure in at 18″ x 11″. The car is based on the Shelby GT350R-C, which took the win for this season’s IMSA SportsCar Challenge series. Any factory built Mustang that arrives with a roll cage invites comparison to the legendary Boss 302, and shifting at 9,000 rpm will keep you in 1st place. Stay with us for complete coverage of this year’s SEMA show.

Andrew Nabors

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