[Photos: Amazon] 

Good news, guys: you can now get your girl some ridiculous animal print underwear to go along with those junk-enhancing wolf print boxer briefs that we reported on last week.

Available on Amazon via Zmart, the product description promises that these wildlife-themed panties will get all the attention in the world when she wants it, and lie in wait like a woodland predator when she doesn’t.

“Lays flat under clothing but make a big statement when you want them to be seen. Also suitable for covering your bikini or thong at beach.”

She’s not into wolves? No worries, my dudes. Five other animal underwear patterns are available, including owl, tiger, lion, leopard or bear options, so you can get “as wild as you like.”

Here’s a sampling of some wild panties that show it’s a jungle out there:

Wolf from the back…

Buy any style here for $12.99, and bring out her wild side.

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