Hazel-E won’t be appearing on the next season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, but it has nothing to do with her homophobic comments and colorism statements. Producers allegedly dropped her two weeks ago because they were already tired of her antics long before she went on various social media rants earlier in the week, TMZ reports.

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Hazel angered producers in September, because of her behavior during the LHHH reunion, and was fired on Oct. 4. The first installment of the reunion aired  Monday (Oct. 16).

The next day, Hazel and her boyfriend went on a homophobic rant in response to rumors that he was gay. Hazel publicly apologized for her comments calling for gays to burn in hell, but didn’t provide a mea culpa for her statements against black women whom she claimed are  jealous of her skin tone because they can’t pass a brown paper bag test.

She did however attempt to backtrack on Instagram, explaining that the statements that she made about black women, were directed only at the women that she has had issues with recently, including her LHHH cast mate, Moniece Slaughter, and comedian Jess Hilarious.

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