What do you get when you combine the sweet, cinnamon-y flavor of apple pie with a big old hit of everclear?

Ask a hockey player.

Our Michigan Hard Cider recipe is inspired by the VICE WORLD OF SPORTS episode “The Perfect Sheet.” Brady Olsen, one of the Michigan-based hockey players from the episode, has been making apple pie moonshine to share with his teammates every practice for years. Although he wouldn’t share all the family secrets to the recipe, he did walk us through the steps here, in a deleted scene.

Olsen makes the delicious booze through a six-hour process starting with a homemade mash. He gets the everclear from Wisconsin because in Michigan, they don’t sell alcohol above 153 proof. And yes, he thinks about hockey the whole time he’s making it.

“Ease into it… You can’t go too quick into the pie,” he says. “Share it for the world, for the people, for the hockey players.”

Alright, alright, you’ve twisted our arms. Here’s the recipe. 

It’ll also make your kitchen smell amazing. But look out: When something this tasty is made with everclear, you’ve gotta watch yourself before you get hit like a hockey puck.

Tune in to VICE WORLD OF SPORTS on Wednesdays at 11 PM, only on VICELAND.

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