(Photo: Apple)

The new Apple Watch, like the new iPhone 7, made a major media splash for being waterproof. But those swept up by the fanfare may have overlooked why the Apple Watch Series 2 is so much better than the last version.

Unlike the first generation of smartwatches, it has an embedded GPS microchip. This not only fixes a grievance many had with the first but it also makes it a choice purchase for runners, who will no longer have to bring their iPhones when they need directions on a jog.

(Photo: Apple)

Of course, there are plenty of other nifty upgrades to fawn over: the new displays are twice as bright, a dual-core chip keeps it running faster than ever, and, of course, it’s water resistant down to 150 feet.

Check it out when it goes on sale Sept. 16 starting at $369.

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