Season 2 of The Flash introduced Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale), Iris West’s long-lost brother whom her estranged mom had been raising for 18 years. He starts showing some evidence of metahuman speediness after he accidentally gets a dose of dark matter during an attempt to give Barry Allen his powers back.

Wally West doesn’t spend much screentime in costume, but the CW has released several promotional images of Wally decked out in his speedster get-up. In the comics, Wally West went through several different costumes depending on his role in the story line. He eventually became the third Flash after Barry Allen. In the New 52 comic event, DC reimagined Wally West as a black teenager, and this appears to be the basis for the CW’s Wally. They gave him the half-yellow, half-red costume with red earbolts and a white circle under the chest bolt logo. As far as differences go, the CW’s Wally West has a chin strap on his mask and a belt instead of the seamless split that separates the comic Wally’s shirt from his pants. But the biggest difference is that this version of Wally West in the comics has a lightning bolt shaved into his hair. Just buzzed right in. Why doesn’t Keiynan Lonsdale have the same thing? Why wouldn’t he get such a simple, yet perfect, touch? We can only shout our questions to the empty sky and wait for an answer that will never come.

Oh, and so far nobody’s called Wally “Kid Flash” on the show. Cisco, resident nicknamer, would never stand for a cheesy nickname like that.

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