Season One of HBO’s Insecure left every one and their dead ancestors in their feelings. The Internet was split down the middle between #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence, (the writer of this post is personally #TeamBouch) and think pieces, Tweets, and Facebook dissertations were abundant with many people offering their two cents on the scripted drama.

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Folks have since simmered down and resumed their normal lives. However, our favorite Awkward Black Girl Issa Rae took to Instagram Tuesday (March 14) to announce that Season Two of the addictive show will return July 23.

Rae was tight lipped about the show’s more juicy details. We’re not sure if Molly has found a bae yet, and if Issa is still single. The only thing we do know is that Lawrence has still come in first place in the genetic contest and will hopefully be showing more of his (cough cough) “genetics.”

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Okay people, Season Two of Insecure returns July 23, so on July 22nd, call up your cable provider and re-add HBO to your bundle package:)

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