The City of Vallejo concluded that the officer-involved shooting of 20-year-old Willie McCoy was “was reasonable and in line with contemporary training and police practices.”

On Monday, city officials announced that an investigation into the shooting that took place in February was concluded and the officers were not at fault in the shooting.

McCoy was shot 55 times by police while sleeping in his car outside a Taco Bell drive-thru. The family of Mr. McCoy believe the police “executed” him. Conversely, authorities claimed he was reaching for a gun and they fired in self-defense.

The investigation was conducted by David Blake who reviewed the six body cameras from the police officers at the scene.

Blake made the following statement: “Officers are not required to wait until a weapon is pointed at them to take the necessary steps to save their own lives,” He also mentioned that the officers gave verbal commands to McCoy for three minutes prior to the shooting.

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