Being a Ferrari race driver and a Ferrari club president, Josh Cartu is very well versed when it comes to driving a Ferrari. He put some of his skills on display during the 2017 Budapest Gumball 3000 Rally while behind the wheel of a new LaFerrari Aperta.

In the middle of traffic, with Afrojack in the passenger seat, Cartu spun up some donuts for the nearby crowds. Now is the point of the article where I say that we do not encourage any of our readers to either do donuts in traffic, or do donuts this close to crowds. Always follow local traffic laws!

That being said, the sound that this LaFerrari puts off is incredible. Immediately after the donuts, the crowd surrounded the Italian hypercar and Cartu let out some extra revs for them. The scene was pure chaos. Click play below to see the donuts for yourself and see just how close the crowd was to the new Ferrari!

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