Laura Govan is in desperate need of a life adjustment, and who better to call than Iyanla Vanzant? The former Basketball Wives star attempted to meant her family turmoil on Saturday’s (May 27) episode of Iyanla: Fix My Life.

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“I’m portrayed in the world like a loose cannon but as I changed, my image stayed the same,” she explains to Iyanla Vanzant.


Govan and former NBA player Gilbert Arenas, who have four children together, have been at odds for years now, and it seems that the onetime reality star’s little sister is involved in the rift. Govan believes her younger sister, Gloria — who is currently dating Derek Fisher and has twin sons with ex-fiance Matt Barnes — slept with Arenas.

“We started dating and it was great, and then I introduced him to my family and in a short period of time it went south, real fast,” she shares. “I believe that he shared a relationship with my sister.”

Apparently, no one seems to be believe the story, including her own parents. “I don’t believe it,” her mother tells Vanzant before explaining that she spoke to Gloria about the rumor.

For the record, Gloria and Arenas have already denied the sex accusations, but Govan’s issues are much deeper than the drama with her children’s father.

The Oakland native appears on the episode with her mother and father, with whom she tries to mend a clearly broken relationship. The root of their turmoil appears to be her father’s lack of support, beginning when Govan was just 13  years old. She confessed to her father about being repeatedly sexually assaulted by someone that they knew, and he didn’t believe her.

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“My life hurts with the men that I’ve had in my life: my father [and] my ex,” she admits.

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In the end, Govan and her parents attempt to come to a resolution, although it looks like they stopped speaking since the show aired. Meanwhile, Govan’s contentious relationship with Arenas has yet to be fixed.

And of course, Miss Iyanla didn’t hesitate to go in on Govan and her parents (she’s all about tough love).


Peep the Twitter reactions to Govan’s Fix My Life episode below.

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