A man in India complained of stomach pains. Doctors were concerned it was a severe case of food poisoning or even stomach cancer. However, the truth would be much more bizarre. It turns out the 28-year-old had 12 pounds of metal sitting in his abdomen. Items found included 100 nails, 263 coins, and even a few razor blades, nut bolts, and chains.

Maksood Khan went to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital to get a diagnosis and treatment for his persistent stomach pains. He told doctors that he had been experiencing the pain for approximately one month.

According to LabRoots, after doctors spoke with Khan’s family, they were concerned he might have been eating things that were never meant to be consumed. An x-ray and ultrasound confirmed this, but everyone was shocked at what was sitting in Maksood’s stomach.

The images showed a large metallic mass, which was later confirmed through surgery. The operation was performed because of the nature of the stomach contents, as well as the man’s low blood pressure, which put him in critical condition.

The website reported that the man ate 100 nails, 263 coins, and there were even razor blades, chains, and nut bolts in his abdomen. Head of the general surgery department, Dr. APS Gaharwal, discussed the operation.

“We discovered in his stomach nut bolts, chains, 263 coins, and around 100 nails. The surgery took three hours to perform.”

The medical term for one who eats non-food items is pica. While people commonly associate pica with young children or pregnant women, they usually don’t eat metal. The prime non-food sources that patients consume are usually dirt and clay, although any inedible items may be consumed. There have been reports of patients with pica who eat feces, paint, glass, and even rocks.

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In Maksood Khan’s case, psychiatrists believe his pica was triggered by depression. It was also speculated that the two conditions could be separate and not related to each other.

“Post-operatively, he was in a critical condition for 24 hours and was on ventilator support. Now he’s out of danger but he will need some time for his stomach to recover. There are still two to three coins in his rectum that will pass naturally.”

As for the future, doctors don’t believe the man will have any long-term effects from the 12 pounds of metal that he consumed. However, he will need behavioral therapy to prevent it from happening again.

This is not the first time that someone has consumed metal. Another man in India ate 639 nails and doctors were forced to use magnets to remove them.

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