Twitter is a treasure trove for just about anything. In need of a good laugh? Twitter. Want to know what’s happening in the country and the world? Twitter. Your favorite artist just made an announcement? Twitter. Desperately need to commiserate with fellow likeminded people about how and why 45 got elected? Twitter.

The social media platform also has become home to new ideas for future films. Fans went berserk when it was announced Rihanna and Academy-Award winner Lupita Nyong’o would star in a movie directed by Ava DuVernay, and now another Twitter user has decided to shoot his shot in hopes his film idea actually gets picked up.

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Screenwriter Leon Langford conjured up quite the plot starring Idris Elba and Michael B. Jordan for an espionage film, outfitted with a few other Hollywood’s A-List actors and actresses. After tweeting out the initial premise, Langford went back to screenwriting only to return to find out Black Twitter wrote the rest of the premise and voted on a few other key characters.

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Langford made sure to specify that Elba’s character was an active father in Jordan’s life, which adds depth and emotion to the narrative.

Langford also wants Academy-Award winner Viola Davis in the film because…well, she’s Viola Davis.

Our favorite ATLien Donald Glover was thrown into the mix as the nerdy, funny, gadget inventor guy and Angela Bassett was cast as the OG spy mama. Langford then exited left to get busy writing the script. Maybe this is just BlackTwitter being hopeful, or maybe this can actually be a thing, either way, we’re here for it.

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