In 1995, the 14-year-old Monica emerged onto Pop’s scene with the R&B album ‘Miss Thang.’

In 2017, twenty two years later, the vocalist has seen the career the album launched push her net worth to meteoric heights!

How so?

Details after the visual below…

When her income is prised away from numbers pulled in by her husband Shannon Brown, the star’s personal net worth rises to the $15 million mark.

That’s right..


How the vocalist did it?

The answer to that question lies in the 5.3 million units her albums have moved in the United States, her commercially fruitful time with Berliner and Johnson‘s RCA Records and the lyrical contributions she made to her discography.

The difference between one’s net worth and income?

Your net worth is the value of your personal possessions (cars, houses and other personal possessions) sans all debts or liabilities.

Income on the other hand measures how much you earn after deductions like taxes have been made.

Unfortunately, because the ‘Code Red‘ star didn’t contribute to the creation of her Brandy-led smash hit cut ‘The Boy is Mine‘, she does not receive any of the money generated by its sales.

However, as her net worth proves, the song’s absence from her bank balance has done little to stop her from becoming one of her genre’s highest-earning stars.

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