: Rapper Kevin Gates was JUST released from prison a few weeks ago.
And all the while he was locked up, his wife Dreka had to be the family’s SOLE breadwinner.

Dreka took to social media – to make a living. And well, she did what a lot of pretty girls do on The Gram . . . .

“I try to do a little something for everything. I’m dropping my clothing line I’ve been working on for years because I’ve finally had some time where we’re not on the road,” she told HNHH about life during Kevin’s absence. “We have a blueberry farm. We also have a Kevin and Dreka Gates foundation. I have [the record label] BWA. I have skincare products. There’s just a bunch of different things I’m working on. I kind of have a checklist for all the businesses I have and try to do something every day.”

And she offered some sage advice for young women trying to come up in the industry: “Things are changing now. My advice back in the day would have been like ‘find you a partner that’s a man’ [laughs]. Just work through him until you get in and just pop up and be like, “bam, yeah b*tch, it’s been me who’s been calling the shots!” My thing has been in any business, you have to have the passion. The passion has to be there. Without passion, there is no success. Anything that you’re passionate about, I guarantee you will find or make a way to make it happen.”

Dreka has been a major force in Gates’ career and without her, he might not have made it to where he is now. In the meantime, she held the family down.

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Take a look at Dreka’s bangin’ bod below!






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