Boom like an 808!  Ameriie is back!

The ‘1 Thing’ beauty may have seen the buzz for her 2016 EP ‘Drive’ ride right into obscurity shortly after its release, but thankfully that hasn’t discouraged her from continuing to push toward the release of her long-awaited next LP.

Now, after a year of silence, A has surprised fans with the release of ‘Red Rum’ – a trap-tinged tune that sees the songstress show off every element of the sonic formula that her fans have grown to know and love (rhythmic repetition, unique harmonic layering, and sensual lyrics).

Keen to hear the latest the R&B diva has cooked up?  Its all yours below:

Yes, A!  Now, as of time reported, there’s no word on if this will officially kick off the singer’s next LP.  But, considering it’s the most mainstream sounding release she’s had in a while, we wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

Admittedly, the song – a bit too repetitive in parts – does lack a bit of -umph.  But, coupled with a fierce video, we’re sure we’ll have that chorus stuck in our heads in no time.

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