Demi Lovato delves into the cinematic in the video for ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ – the title track of her sixth studio album.

The visual for the emotive anthem features Jesse Williams as the 25-year-old’s significant other.

Both flex their acting muscles as they relay the narrative of a love gone wrong.

With a wedding as its backdrop, does anyone make it down the aisle? Watch below to find out.

Well come through, Demetria!

Much like preceding single ‘Sorry Not Sorry,’ she’s making us (and, no doubt, many others) sit up and pay attention. This is fantastic.

In an era where streaming is the primary means of music consumption, the “visual” has been elevated to a new level of importance. Hence, Lovato has made a masterstroke move by pairing this wholly solid song with a video that is not only her best but one that is rich in replay value. And with more plays comes more streaming points, which in turn heightens the likelihood of this being a hit. Smart.

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