People have been making all sorts of comments and asking all kinds of questions about Nicki Minaj‘s body over the years, from her rap rivals to her critics. But if it wasn’t clear enough by how unabashed she is about baring it all and showing off her curves, you should know that for the record, Nicki could, for the most part, care less. She loves her body, despite whatever way people might think she ended up with it. She’s not going to confirm or deny anything, but when tempted, she will call a detractor everything but a child of God if they question her about it.

This was made clear after the 35-year-old shared a behind-the-scenes look at her upcoming video for “Barbie Tingz” over the weekend, mocking people she says will copy her look before the clip is even released. When someone asked her about how she ended up with her “look” in the first place, Minaj had enough:

And while people continue to pose questions about her body, as well as the bodies of many women in hip-hop who’ve been accused of getting enhancements to help them get ahead, Minaj has said in the past that she wants no part of such conversations. Her talent with the mic, in her opinion, is what keeps her at the top of rap. And really, it’s true that after all of these years she’s given people to get adjusted to her unique looks, it seems that harping on the subject and attempting to call her out about it is to also attempt to question the authenticity of her place in hip-hop. She’s not having it.

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