Omarion once commanded a fan army of millions as part of B2K and during his early solo run.

However, only a handful of them showed up to his latest gig in Namibia. And we mean a handful.

Details and video below…

The 32-year-old was tapped to perform at the Independence Stadium in Windhoek on Friday.

As part of the agreement, he was asked to appear at press conference earlier in the day. That didn’t happen though, because his manager claimed he was exhausted from his flight and could not meet with the press.

What happened between then and showtime is anyone’s guess. But come his performance, next to no one was there.

See what we mean…

One member of the press weighed in, scathingly writing:

Looking to make light of the situation, Omari pressed on with the performance and even invited some of the few in attendance to join him on-stage:


‘Love & Hip-Hop’ viewers, maybe he’ll finally pick up Lil Fizz‘s calls now?


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