Nikki Gold, an Australian sexologist says social media couples who pose numerous pictures, sweet comments and love emojis are often not as happy and perfect as they project on those social media platforms.

According to her, these couples overshare to make up for the uncertainties and problems that they are facing in their relationship and they often do this as an unconscious way of seeking reassurance from their followers and friends on social media.

“Often it’s the people who post the most who are seeking validation for their relationship from other people on social media,” she says to Daily Mail Australia.

According to this expert, oversharing on social media is often a sign that something is wrong in the relationship (Marvin Humes / Instagram)

And when people begin to drop positive comments and likes on the picture, their mind forms a kind of false confirmation that they are doing well in the relationship

“The likes and comments can be so validating that when someone is really struggling, that’s where they get their up from – not the person making the gesture, but what other people will say about it.”

The expert is of the opinion that posting too many pictures online also takes the attention away from the person in the picture and what they did, and instead places the attention on the comments and approval of outsiders.

“You see people who will focus so much on taking a ‘relfie’ – a relationship selfie – and getting the right filter and hashtags that they’re missing the moment,” she says.

Selfies don’t really translate to happiness (Pinterest)

“I think, why don’t you take a photo because it’s a nice memory and a moment you want to look back to? [instead of doing it just for the ‘gram?]”

“It looks like it’s a real big statement to say ‘hey look ladies, look guys, this chick’s mine, this guy’s mine’,” Nikki says.

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“Why not post a photo because it’s a happy moment or a funny photo or because it shows real happiness?

Over sharing moments with Bae or Boo could be just a way of seeking validation from outsiders (Pinterest)

“Instead there are a lot of people out there who want to flaunt to their [partners to the world] that this person is mine.”

True love, and happiness in a relationship is not defined by how many cute pictures couples have on Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook.

One would think everyone knows this already. Apparently not.

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