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Prescribing is good. So is deprescribing. ~During my first scan with my first pregnancy I found out I had fibroids. In that pregnancy I was also diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I was told I'd have to be on meds for the rest of my adult life (true words from my doc). . I knew deep down there had to be another way. I couldn't deal with the tremors, anxiety and rapid heart palpitations. My journey involved alot of research and changing my diet but after 2 years, I was off my meds. It was the most freeing thing ever. I'm still intrigued by the power of food and its ability to completely heal and transform a person's life. . There are people who are suffering from illnesses that only require a change of diet and nothing else. I knew little about what constituted a balanced diet and the key to my transformation was knowledge. . Hit the link in our bio to learn a bit more about my journey and how you too can begin your health journey. . #afrogirlfitness

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