Robert Griffin III is going thru what some would deem a messy divorce, yet both he and his estranged wife Rebecca are on the same page when it comes to seeking privacy in the matter.
According to Bossip, the estranged couple jointly filed paperwork in a Texas court seeking to prevent their dirty laundry from airing out in public.

The exes filed a motion to seal the divorce case, arguing that doing so wouldn’t have an adverse effect on public health or safety. They said in court papers that their marriage problems aren’t matters that should be available to the general public.

Griffin filed for divorce from Liddicoat Sept. 7, claiming that the marriage had become “insupportable” and irretrievably broken because the exes just couldn’t stand each other. He said there was no hope for a reconciliation.

Liddicoat fired back last month to deny Griffin’s allegations and ask the court to make him pay her expenses and her lawyer’s fees.

RG3 has been spotted out and about with his new girlfriend, FSU athlete Grete Šadeik, he just prefers not to have to discuss the matter if you see him.

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