Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson gets up at the crack of dawn to train in the gym every day—and he has the massive back and shoulder muscles to prove it.

The film—which we expect to be a mix of comedy and action—was just bumped from a summer 2017 release to December 22, 2017, making it more of a holiday/family target for Johnson and his co-stars: ultra-fit Men’s Fitness cover star Kevin Hart, workout-crushing superstar Nick Jonas, funnyman Jack Black, and sci-fi heroine Karen Gillan.

In a new photo released by Johnson on his Instagram page, his colossal back is front and center, making him look thoroughly larger than life as he prepares to ride into danger, Indiana Jones-style, on his motorcycle:

Johnson has posted some of his workouts and training routines through social media over the last year as he’s filmed his upcoming slate—including Baywatch, Fast 8, and Jumanji—and he has been getting more and more ripped for each film.

Between doing weighted rope exercises, pull up contests with Zac Efron on the beach, flipping massive tires, hitting the bench press station, blasting through pushups, bulking up his shoulders with dumbbells, and doing some boxing, does Johnson even have time to sleep? (Hint: No.)

Either way, his workouts have helped carve Johnson into a goliath of muscle, and his back has been a major beneficiary.


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